3 money saving holiday tips

Although we all love the occasionally holiday to relax and unwind this unfortunately does come at a cost. However careful planning and tactical advice can make this financial load not as painful as it has to be. Here are 3 quick money saving tips to save you money while on holiday:

Booking in advance

Pre-booking your holiday in advance will allow you to save handfuls of cash. This includes everything from flights and accommodation to the activities you plan on doing when you arrive at your resort. Most hotels often offer some form of ‘early birds’ discount rates for people willing to pre-book in advance.

Avoid peak season

Where possible do your best to avoid going on holiday during peak season. Peak times during school holidays will cost you considerably more when booking a holiday. Additionally to this, holiday resorts are often much more crowded during these peak times, after all who actually likes queuing for a sun bed?

Budget for your holiday

Creating a budget for different holiday expenses is key to avoid overspending. While you’re on holiday it’s important for you budget for all expenses including transportation, activities and of course eating out. As we all know budgets are one the simplest but most effective forms of money saving.

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