3 methods to save money on a night out

We all love a good night out on the town every now and again but with rising alcohol prices and entry costs to pubs/clubs it can be an expensive ordeal if you aren’t prepared. Here are 3 tips to help you save money:

Consider week-night outings

Although it might be more convenient with your work lifestyle to go out on the weekends you should also consider weekdays where you can. Although it might be slightly quieter than the weekends, prices for both drinks and admissions will be much cheaper. You may also find many promotional offers valid on week nights.

Apply for guest list

More often than not just by getting involved with the clubs you plan on visiting though social media you can sometimes take advantage of guest lists saving you loads on admission prices.

Plan in advance

Taxis can make up a big proportion of your night out costs. Planning how you and your friends are getting home in advance can save you loads. Booking a taxi in advance will save you a load rather than using black cabs.

More tips coming soon…

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