How to help keep your bank card details secure

With the massive increase in banking and identity theft fraud it’s essential you ensure your details are kept safe to keep your valuables secure. Here are three important tips you should consider to guarantee this happens.

Don’t let your debit/credit card out of your sight

When paying for meals out or goods in a shop it’s vital you keep your card within your sight. Often in a restaurant for example they will take it away to complete a transaction elsewhere, this leaves you at risk of identity and card fraud.

Check your statements regularly

We all live busy lives but it’s important we check our statements regularly in order to verify that there is no out of the ordinary activity on there. This can often be the first indication that your details have been stolen and the sooner you catch it the less damage that can be done.

Change your passwords

Although it’s a hassle this can often be your best form of defence against identity and banking theft. Change everything from pin numbers to internet banking details in a regular basis to safeguard yourself.

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