April Money Madness

It has been another chaotic month for Frugal Frank but I couldn’t miss out on my monthly money madness update as many of you seemed to enjoy the last one.  Here is April’s update..

Discover self Control

Don’t make a habit of relying on credit cards each month to make your purchases. You will find you are forever paying off items you bought years ago. After all do you really want to pay interest on a pair of jeans or your weekly food shop? It’s much better to restrain yourself till you have the cash to make your purchase in full.

Take responsibility for your own financial future

Instead of relying on others to handle your finance for you, why not buy a few finance books and join a few financial blogs. You would be surprised how much you could learn with just 30 minutes reading a week.

Save for the unexpected

Not only will this help you sleep better at night but this will ensure any unfortunate unexpected financial difficulties that might (and usually do) occur, you have covered with a small reserve if needed.

Please let me know your money secrets by emailing Frugal Frank on mail@frugalfrank.co.uk

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