Mobile commerce – How can we make the most of it?

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Firstly, apologies for the recent lack of updates on my blog. Due to family commitments I have unfortunately neglected my blogging lately, although I do still do keep a keep an active interest in everything frugal. I intend to carry on with the money saving and interesting financial related blog posts, so please check back soon.

To kick things off, in this first post I wanted to talk about mobile e-commerce and its increasing role in everyday retail transactions. With mobile commerce expanding so rapidly it’s hard for both consumers and businesses to now ignore it. Almost 40% of website visits are now coming from mobile and businesses are required to ensure that they harness mobile commerce and provide for it.

What this means for consumers is that we need to ensure we keep track of the money we spend online and make sure that we do it securely. Most major credit card companies and banks now all provide apps we can securely track what we have spent and make transactions online securely. Companies such as American Express allow you to access your account and credit card virtually anywhere in the world, seeing your latest card transactions pay your bills and more. Find out more here –

The advantage for us thrifty consumers is we can make the most of all those great mobile shopping deals. A few apps I would recommend checking out include;

  • MySupermarket – This appallow you to shop for the cheapest goods around via your mobile device.
  • Zwallet – This mobile wallet allows you to keep multiple loyalty cards all on your mobile device.
  • WhatGas – This app looks for the cheapest petrol/diesel near you, potentially saving you loads in the long run.

So what are you waiting for? Get your mobile apps and start making the most of mobile online shopping when you can.

If you have any apps or a mobile shopping experience you would like to share please leave your comment below or contact me on and I will share them.

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