Cheap bodybuilding supplements….or is there such a thing

Hi guys,

As you might of seen from some of my previous posts I am quite into fitness at the moment. I enjoy running and try to attend the gym as much as I possibly can. I also try to eat healthy including the odd bodybuilding supplement to help with my weight training. For those of you who do take any sort of dietary supplements, you will probably already know they aren’t cheap! I just wanted to write a post about how I get the best prices…and hopefully get some tips from you too.

Price match

I usually select what I want to buy from recommendations from friends and online reviews. This doesn’t necessarily mean I stick to one website though. Once I know what I want, I use online price match tools like Google shopping to compare prices across all the shops at once. You need to be wary of shipping charges manipulating the rankings but this is often the quickest way to save money on supplements I find.

Sign up for promotion e-mails

Companies like discount supplements, monster supplements and my protein all have monthly/weekly promotional e-shots. If you aren’t fussy on what you use, you can often get a bargain on certain products if you pick your time well.

So what are your tips? Let me know at or in the comment section below.

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