My iPhone 6 buying guide

Hi all, so I took the plunge and finally upgraded my Samsung galaxy S3 to a new Apple iPhone 6. I thought it might be worth doing my version of an iPhone buying guide to help you guys make the right decisions when upgrading your phone. Let me know your advice in the comments section below…

Should you upgrade?

So the first thing you need to think about is, should you upgrade? Well if like me and you’ve been stuck with a 24 month contract on your previous phone, by now it is probably falling to pieces, has nice cracked screen, appalling battery life and extremely slow performance. In this case it is probably a good decision to take the plunge. For those with the iPhone 5 considering the upgrade, if money is no object I would say go for it but apart from the new screen and look it will be fairly similar performance wise.

Which iPhone 6 is for you?

The iPhone 6 now comes in 2 different sizes, the ‘iPhone 6’ and ‘iPhone 6 plus’. I went for the normal iPhone 6, this is slightly bigger than my Samsung but is still fine for fitting in your pocket. The ‘iPhone 6 plus’ on the other hand is maybe an inch bigger and just seemed a little too big for fitting comfortably in my pocket. I also didn’t like being forced to use two hands when operating it. Although I appreciate the bigger screen may be a big advantage for someone looking for that type pf ‘phablet’ device. These both come in 16gb, 64gb and 128gb storage options.

Where to buy from?

Not the bit you have all been waiting for, what did I pay and where did I get it from… As you all know, I do like a good deal, so I did spend quite a while browsing the best deals online and comparing my options. In the end I went for a deal through e2save, they had it at £30.50 p/m and a one of fee of £129. This was on Vodaphone and comes with 600mins, unlimited texts and 1GB of data. I was concerned about my data use on this contract being restricted but you can increase your current contract if you need to at any time but you can’t downgrade. So my advice is always go for the lowest contract and just up the contract if you need to further down the line.

Hope this helps. Let me know your tips at


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