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Hi all,

Just following on from my previous post about raising money, I wanted to write about where I actually bought my games console from in the end. I decided I was going to buy a PS4 and would be purchasing it online. This was just before Christmas, this meant that there were lots of offers available as retailers are all jostling for your business.

I started on the main retailers, Game, Argos, amazon and Tesco. All appeared to be very similar price wise for the basic 500GB system. I realised to get the best deal and most bang for my buck I was going to have to look for a bundle product (console and additional games). My intention would be to sell the included games.

After a couple of weeks weighing up my options as new deals popped up I eventually found this on GameStop;

Playstation 4 1TB Mega Pack

This included 3 games;

  • God of war 3
  • Nathan and Drake Collection
  • The Last of Us

All this for £289.99

I knew the upgraded games console was worth this price alone so any money I could get back from the games would be just be a bonus.

I was hoping to link you to this but the deal has been removed of the website now unfortunately.

I also ended up keeping ‘The Last of Us’ – What an amazing game ha.

Let me know what deals you found in the comment section…plus and ps4 game recommendations for me.

Thanks for reading.


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