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Hi guys,

Firstly I just wanted to say sorry for not updating my blog recently. Been so snowed under with work recently including starting my own business over the last two weeks. This does mean I have loads of to talk about though so make sure you check back soon.

This post I just wanted to talk about raising some cash over the last couple of months. The reason for this is I wanted to buy a PS4 and I wanted to avoid taking it out my savings. To do this I decided to sell some of my unused things. Here’s how it went;

  • Sony Playstation 3 – £59.99
  • Bridgestone Potenza Run flat tyre – £35.00
    (Just had it sat in my garage)
  • All Saints T-Shirt – £11.49
  • Religion T-Shirt – £8.50
  • Impossible Creatures PC Game – £6.49

Total raised £121.47

Okay, so it’s not the £350 I needed for my PS4, but it’s a start. The point in this post really was to just make you question if you have unwanted possessions you could sell to raise some quick cash. When I started looking around my house it’s amazing how much unwanted bits I had.

Let me know your tips in the comments section for raising some quick cash.

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