Car insurance woes

Hi guys,

As you all know I love a good deal and saving money on my bills wherever possible. However, when it came to renewing my car insurance this time I just wanted to share my experience.

So my renewal notice came through and it was an additional £10 this year – £380 in total. I did expect it to go up, they always seem to no matter what. I’m not sure if they rely on you just renewing with them for ease or just don’t value your business anymore….I suspect the second one ha.

I’m 27 with 9 years NCB and a clean license. I’m driving the same car I was last year and living in the same place. In theory my policy should be exactly the same. I would have assumed my policy cost would of actually gone done due to the extra years NCB and my age etc.

Anyway, I did the usual price comparison websites ( / compare the market etc) and all quotes were coming back significantly more to my surprise £400+. I tried altering my policy and tinkering with it but had no luck bringing it down to the £370 I paid last year.

So it feels as though I may have admitted defeat on this one. Perhaps if I had more time I could of got a better price. However, since starting my own business I have begun to realise how valuable time really is, another hour spent hunting down a £10 saving, would it of been worth it? I’m not sure but for the first year I actually ended up renewing with my current insurer for the £380.

Let me know how you have got in with your car insurance renewals this years. Did you experience the same thing I did?

Thanks for reading.


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