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Hi all,

So one of the main reasons I have been so busy recently is I have decided to setup my own business. Since leaving university I decided this was something I wanted to do but I felt it was important to get some experience behind me first. Now I’m 27 with 8 years’ experience in marketing I decided the time was right.

So the company is called M4B (stands for Marketing 4 Business). We do CRM, Sales and Marketing Consultancy, We have been running since Christmas really but only just moved into our own office about 3 weeks ago now.

We have a few clients behind us already but a long way to go. The CRM (customer relationship management) side of the business is a good niche and we are finding businesses are really interested in it which is fantastic!

So fingers crossed all goes well over the coming months.

If you would like to know more, please leave questions in the comment section.


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