The Good News and Bad News About Guarantor Loans

By Nigel Norman, Marketing Administrator at Logbook Loans provider Auto Advance, which is a member of the Consumer Credit Trade Association. Guarantor loans have many pros and cons in providing a solution to help people with bad credit quickly access a flexible, low-interest, loan and rebuild their credit history. As with any form of short-term […]

Student budgeting: fighting the debt monster

There was a small thing in the news a while ago. It was only tiny. You probably didn’t notice it. Never mind. Only … university tuition fees might have gone up just a little bit… It’s definitely something new students are noticing: having more than £150,000 to repay over thirty years isn’t exactly an easy […]

Cut costs with fibre optic broadband

The words ‘fibre optic broadband’ are fast becoming part of everyday parlance. Increasing internet speeds, improving telephone lines and revolutionising the TV viewing experience, this state-of-the art technology has upgraded broadband in manifold ways in just a few years. What exactly is this technology and how does it improve telecommunications, while also being kind to […]